Cherie Truesdell's art strives to portray the emotional and metaphysical nature of man using symbols, color palette, and constructed narrative. She is drawn to themes of metamorphosis, impermanence, and interpersonal relationships. Many of Truesdell's images have Christian undertones, and employ recurring motifs such as water, submersion, vulnerability, and looking upward with eyes wide shut. These elements reflect her personal belief that humans are fragile, blind, and irreparably flawed  yet eternally hopeful in the midst of a hostile world.

Each image is planned months before production, beginning with an individual rough sketch and a color story. Next, Truesdell selects props, costumes, and models that exemplify the symbolism and emotion Truesdell works to evoke in the viewer. She often uses vintage and found objects to emphasize impermanence and the passage of time. Finally, she builds the set and assembles the production team. After capturing all of the images, Truesdell reviews every one to ensure the symbolic language remains consistent and each detail reflects the overarching theme. Finished images can be described as surreal, contemplative, and other-worldly.

"Creating art helps me understand my own private internal landscape and how it colors my world perception, personal narrative, and life choices. I am fascinated by how and to what degree our subconscious undercurrents of complex emotions, belief structures, culture, and shared narratives make us unique, interdependent, and human."