ARTIST PROFILE: Angie Sinclair

Angie Sinclair is interested in reflections. 

"My latest body of work has been focused on figures immersed in water. Water patterns fascinate me. My colorful long, loose brush strokes are visible in my work to convey motion. The human body is my favorite to paint. I try not to be too realistic but somewhat impressionistic. When I’m painting I notice everything; how fabric drapes, and if wet, how it hugs the body. A shadow is as important as the object casting it. I love the way light reflects on the surface of the water but the water remains translucent. I enjoy mixing an element of fabric images into my paintings to form new shapes and colors. 

Painting is a looser form of art and more freeing. Sinclair is always trying to challenge herself with subject matter. "Somehow I go from painting to mosaic and back," she says. "I love working in both mediums. They are completely different. Mosaics are precise and somewhat addicting  - like a puzzle that has to be finished." 

Sinclair's works are the anchor of our FLUIDITY show. In large part, this group show was inspired by her body of work. 


Inspired by a visit to gallery43, Georgia-based writer Gunnar Ohberg writes:

A man, in business shirt and jagged tie, swims submerged up to his neck in Angie Sinclair's mysterious "Cooling Down." Above the surface of the water we glimpse an obfuscated world of playful lights, a distorted realm lying just beyond the rippling waters. Bubbles and bursts of refracted colors hide the man's face and obscure his mood. Perhaps he has found himself in peril, flailing and helpless, as the waters threaten to devour him. But I, in the waves of soft and friendly oils, see an escape. A chance to exist, as much as possible, beneath the jagged pastel shards of a frantic world. A moment to relax and enjoy the cold clarity of calm waters.

Below is a selection of Sinclair's water-themed works available at gallery43.