Taylor Cox is an artist living and working in Atlanta, Ga. She received her B.F.A in Drawing and Painting from Kennesaw State University in 2013 where she gained experience and insight as a painter of nudes, exhibition coordinator, and full-time critique attendee. Her work has been exhibited at Swan Coach House Gallery, Kibbee Gallery and MOCA-GA in Atlanta, Ga.

"Painting for me involves an incredible amount of building and piecing together. Building a story through layer, texture and color. And more often than not, the story is in those layers, (a lot of layers). My work is very process oriented, I am interested in how color and line can be used to create depth of space and movement, and how I can translate it to a canvas. My paintings reflect who I am and what I'm attracted to in my everyday life. From explosions of laughter to repeating patterns I find on leaves when exploring. I spend time collecting moments from my day, whether it is a quirky print on a piece of fabric or a conversation that is just asking to be recorded. Combining these elements creates a framework to which I build upon. I look foward to new opportunities and the ability to create something new every day."