Marsha Chandler is a professional artist who has won national and international recognition and awards for her exceptional watercolor paintings. A contemporary realist, she creates vibrant, intricate still lifes which express her love of the interplay of light as it reflects and refracts on everyday objects. Marsha states, “My medium is watercolor, which allows me to capture these distinctive qualities of light in a way no other medium can.”  Her creative compositions and innovative use of shape, contrasting values and color harmony turn those ordinary objects into extraordinary works of art. “I always look for a unique perspective and pairing of things, and when people look at my works they are likely to find something surprising each time,” says Marsha. 

Marsha grew up on a farm in the Alabama foothills of the Appalachians, and the special awareness of light that she found in her everyday world as a child never left her. This inspired a passion for art that has been a vital part of her life as long as she can remember. When she first began painting, acrylic and oil were her mediums, but when she discovered watercolor, the love affair began. Also she recognized that she had a passion for realistic still life painting and has followed that passion ever since. Marsha says, “I try to evoke a feeling of intimacy for the viewer and draw her or him into the detailed complexities of the painting to see and experience a new point of view or thought about that ordinary subject, whether it is fruit or vegetables, a shiny colander, the folds of cloth, a cut-glass bowl, Mason jars, or even tin foil and plastic bags."

Marsha says, “My work is a tribute to the beauty of the common things that we see and use every day. My website headline sums it up: Painting beautiful reflections of everyday life.