Lesley was born in Yorkshire, England, where she grew up in a small Northern fishing town, and currently resides in California. She received a B.A. Honors First Class degree in Illustration and Design from the University of Lincoln. As a child she knew she always wanted to be an artist, dabbling in many creative areas from illustration to fine art. Early in her career she worked as graphic design and later began to produce children’s books and licensed artwork, for the last several years her main focus and passion has been abstract painting.

ARTIST STATEMENT: "I seek to explore the expression of abstract painting and the language of color. I work intuitively as I explore color, movement, form, and layering elements. Each piece is a reflection of experience, time and what I’m exploring at that moment. My inspiration comes from creating a visual language on the canvas that cannot be expressed otherwise. I believe art can change the way we think, the way we feel, the way we connect with the world."