Embedding large-scale abstract paintings with intentional memories, Kyle Hicks' body of work is an eclectic multi-piece time capsule.

The repeated themes in Hicks' work are memories, invented space, architecture, the passing of time, nature, spirituality,  and autobiographical elements. The geometric planes are used to differentiate ambiguous moments of time. They create a fragmented view of each level. These levels stand for different places, different times, and different conditions. "The broken geometric language is largely guided by the human condition and disconnected memories," states Hicks. "A subconscious desire to obscure certain memories can also lend itself to this type of visual fragmentation. It is in this way, the past is reevaluated but within a very specific context. Each painting completed becomes a meditative act that belongs to the capsule."     

Hicks uses acrylic paint to create these multidimensional blocks of color. Layering and manipulating the paint until the surface has been refined, Hicks takes care to make sure there is no part of the composition that hasn’t been considered. This type of layering is somewhat arduous; certain layers are covered in the pursuit of an overall cohesive feeling. "This would be the most intuitive part of my entire process," states Hicks. "It is also extremely sacrificial. The most rewarding part of my painting process is finding a balance between the controlled moments and the more spontaneous ones."