Jeff Cole is a fine artist best know for his neo-expressionistic style, combining the raw intensity of street art, the whimsy of cartoons, and the poignancy of words.

Hailing from Los Angeles, Jeff worked as an actor, writer and kickboxer to support his family. His fine art exploded when his creative itch couldn’t be satisfied any other way. His acrylic on canvas (and found objects) also includes crayon and oil pastels to mix vibrancy of color with the overlapping contrast of line and texture. His influences range from Basquiat to Schnabel and Picasso to Rauschenberg. His internal struggle with self and his view of the changing political and ideological landscape in America fuels his inspiration. The “Black Writing” - the negative, self-deprecating thoughts that saturate the artist’s mind - often find exorcism on the canvas.

“Nothing fake or stolen. Every inch is bled for."
-Jeffrey Cole